Walker Healthcare specialises in the design and supply of prescription Foot Orthotics and pressure relieving insoles.

Prescription foot orthotics are custom made inserts for shoes designed to address various foot and lower body conditions. The manufacturing and materials vary based on patient needs, activities, health factors and treatment goals.

All patients are individually assessed by the Orthotist. Care and time is taken to explain how the Orthotic device will work. Plaster moulds are taken to obtain a 3D image of the foot. This will also give the clinician an opportunity to evaluate the foot. Foam impression boxes may also be used depending on the foot type and orthotic device required.

We use the RS foot scan system to aid the clinician in determining the prescription when designing the orthotic device. For further information on this technology, visit www.rsscan.co.uk

It is important to remember, foot orthotics are one aspect of a treatment programme and do not replace other forms of therapy.

We have experience with rugby players, marathon runners, basketball players, GAA players, tennis/badminton players, Irish dancers and the regular day to day walker.

Not all Foot Orthotics need to be made from rigid hard plastic. Consult with your Orthotist to find out what options are available to you.